22 of the worst PC games of all time

22 of the worst PC games of all time

Over the last two decades, a lot has happened in both the gaming and computer hardware market. Graphics and gameplay have evolved beyond recognition, but the equipment for playing has also evolved. With the AAA games, for the first time, not only do the most efficient and expensive laptops perform extremely well.

Gaming equipment has been improved by manufacturers for over two decades. And what in the world of computer games are two decades, best gambling fans know best. According to the report of the Mature Player Phenomenon , commissioned by Lenovo Legion by Norstat, as many as 37% of all players have been playing games for over 15 years.

 It was the players over the age of 30 who played Half-Life in 1999, shortly after its premiere. What kind of equipment did the players then have? Rather only desktop computers. For $ 10,500 (!) You could buy a gaming laptop then, with a 300 MHz Pentium II processor, 256 MB RAM, S3 Virge 4 MB graphics and a 12 GB hard drive. Playing on mobile computers in a novelty was then out of the financial reach of most people.

The following years were not good for players when it comes to mobile devices, but they coddled them in terms of interesting productions. The turn of the 20th and 21st centuries is the premiere of Need For Speed: Porsche 2000, considered by many to be the best part of Gothica (2001), the iconic GTA: Vice City (2002) and the universal World of Warcraft (2004), popular in Poland to this day, servers that are hosted by millions of players today. It was not until 2005 that the first laptop, considered to be gaming, was made. 

It allowed to play most of the above games in at least medium details. It cost as much as $ 3,500 for those times. Thick housing, nightmarish design, high weight and disastrous work culture discouraged its purchase. It is thanks to laptops for players from over a decade that some players claim to date ” Laptops are not for playing. 

The first revolution in the world of games

More or less in 2007, a real revolution took place in the world of computer games. A breakthrough in terms of graphic design was heralded by productions such as Crysis and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. At that time there was no laptop, or even a desktop computer, that would allow Crysis to run in a sufficiently high number of frames. if you need more info just visit this site Slot games.

At the same time, the laptops allowed the Witcher 1 to run on high details, which initiated the best and highest rated series of Polish games. Laptops for gamers, however, were still expensive, heavy and ugly. Mounting in them more and more efficient components was problematic due to high temperatures, throttling and disastrous work culture.

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