About fashion among footballers

About fashion among footballers

Always been like that. Footballers love clothes. They have money, muscular bodies, they are young. For Djibrill Cisse, fashion has become the meaning of life. But the situation quickly got out of control.

When I saw him in a red suit, red hat and cane during the wedding, I knew it was not good. He wore glasses without glasses. I was not wrong. He did not have zero levels. He did not have glasses. You could put your finger through the empty frames and tickle it with your eyelashes.

What the hell did he need glasses for? He wore something that was not a de facto thing. The basic part of the glasses are glass. And if they are not there, what have you put on your nose? Would he wear a hearing aid (for fashion), though he would have excellent hearing? Well, not really!

Cisse experimented. He experimented extensively. Once he came to the locker room in a metal armor, stylized as Robocop. He wore – as he said – a male skirt. God’s wounds! He put it on and took it off in the locker room.

Didi Hamman was always sitting next to him. A man dressed like a typical German. Plain shirt, washed out jeans, normal, sports shoes. They both looked like two other worlds, though they sat side by side.

Okay, I’ve made a few mistakes too. In times when I was kicking in youth teams, sleeveless sweatshirts were iconic. If you have muscular biceps then it looks OK. But if you’re Peter Crouch, and your hands look like cooked spaghetti, you have a problem.

 I could not afford custom-made things, and only those could save me. In chains, I experienced nightmares. Trousers? Always too short or too wide at the waist. Shirts? Either gigantic, baggy, or fitted, but with embarrassingly short sleeves.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

 I walked with all my youth with the curled up to mask my shortcoming. It was impossible to stylize me normally. Yes, I was a freak. Freak, freak, freak. I’ve heard it thousands of times from the stands! And that’s how I felt.

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