Angola’s state diamond company to be privatised

Angola’s state diamond company to be privatised

Beautiful earrings add charm to every woman, and with such a rich choice of forms, we can easily find the ones that match our style as well as the occasion. When shopping, however, it is worth following the shape of the face. With the help of well-chosen earrings, we can correct some of her shortcomings by adding to her beauty.

Regular and smooth features, rounded mandible and full cheeks are features of the oval face. Her classic lines do not require a visual correction, so almost all types of earrings fit her. They can be small diamonds or tears as well as large, hanging spirals or spheres.

However, the oval face looks best in angular shapes. Squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds or stars expose its features, giving them a more expressive character. On the other hand, it does not suit ornaments that are very long, narrow, which optically lengthen it.

A typical feature for round, square and trapezoidal faces is that they are almost as wide as high. For this reason, they look best in earrings that optically slim them – so the models are elongated and narrow.

Rounded decorations are perfectly matched by irregular or geometric shapes, because they give it a sharp and expressive character. However, it is better to avoid small earrings, in the shape of wheels or all kinds of oval forms.

Quite the opposite, then, than with square and trapezoidal faces, which already have strong features and a wide mandible. They look the best in earrings with gentle, rounded or irregular shapes that help to alleviate tightened lines. Let’s give up square earrings and sharp angles.

I present jewelry very easy to make in my art gallery. The green ball bracelet is made on a silicone elastic, which is why it is very comfortable and practical. Everyday jewelery that fits every occasion and every outfit, made according to the simple principle is beautiful. Large wooden beads in green are combined with earthenware gold, this is the perfect combination and color matching. The bracelet emphasizes the hand of every woman.if you need more info just visit this site 婚戒.

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