DERMATO-INFO, folder of the month on the fall of the hair

DERMATO-INFO, folder of the month on the fall of the hair

it is a fact (between 5 and 10 times more risk according to the studies). However, depending on the case, this is an increased or diminished possibility, far from certainty.

Can perms, smoothings, colors (dyes) be responsible for hair loss?

Some cosmetic treatments can promote hair loss; we can cite :

  • all that pulls on the hair and in particular if this tension persists several months, the alopecia can then become definitive
  • the smoothings that weaken the hair
  • hair straightening products that, in most cases in the short and long term, trigger alopecia
  • perms can also weaken hair (but negative effects vary with hair quality, type of perm, frequency)
  • the dyes in the vast majority of cases do not trigger hair loss. Note, however, that local inflammation of the scalp such as eczema can trigger a temporary fall of hair. Let’s also add that fading hair weakens them

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This is a temporary hair loss, it can be seasonal (in the fall), take place after a delivery or a change of pill in women or after a high fever …

These hair loss can also be due for example to a thyroid problem, a drug or iron deficiency.

These falls are in principle temporary, unless the triggering cause persists, they require the consultation of a dermatologist. It is indeed a symptom whose origin must be sought. This will require, in some cases, additional examinations.

There is also androgenetic alopecia . It is a reduction of the hair favored by genetic factors , with a risk increase in case of family antecedents .you can check here infomation about dermatologue cheveux.

It can affect both men and women.In women, this androgenetic alopecia can be linked to hormonal factors with excess of male hormones , an ill-adapted pill problem , possibly associated with


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