Football: South Jersey-based NLG team wins 7-on-7 national title

Football: South Jersey-based NLG team wins 7-on-7 national title

The foundation that is in the middle of the field will certainly turn off the function of Supratman Field as a soccer field, because if you look closely, the area of ​​the foundation does not represent the width of the soccer field. This foundation area is smaller, less than 2/3 of the area previously used. This raises a separate question in my mind: “Is not the planned revitalization does not change the extent of the football field, even the function of the soccer field?”.


The soccer field is one of the most luxurious things in Indonesia and also the city of Bandung. Not because the price of renting a field is expensive, but because there are not many soccer fields. No need to ask about the quality of the field, there is a good soccer field.

Finally, I know, one of the fields owned by SSB UNI on Jalan Karapitan is not functioning because it will be made into an apartment. Instead of increasing, precisely the amount of land playing football continues to decline each year along with the increasing development in the city of Bandung.

The Indonesian Under-19 National Team coach who was able to bring his team to the AFF U-19 Cup and qualify for the U-19 Asian Cup, Indra Sjafri, said that football infrastructure in Indonesia was very lacking. According to Indra, Indonesia’s condition is still lagging behind other countries, especially in the field. Indra also hopes the government can build a quality field in each sub-district.

Before the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium was completed, the city of Bandung was quite troubled with the soccer field, because Bandung did not have an international quality soccer field. The only soccer field that has the best quality in the city of Bandung is the Siliwangi Stadium owned by Siliwangi Military Command III, but even then the quality is still inferior to the Si Jalak Harupat Stadium in Bandung Regency. Alfred Riedl, former coach of the Indonesian Senior National Team, in 2010 said that the quality of the Siliwangi Stadium was like a potato garden.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

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