Get a working holiday visa to Australia to work there

Malaysians tend to overstay in Australia and get a bridging visa

Australia is giving away a lot of bridging visas. Indeed, those who are waiting for a bridging visa in this country is equivalent to the population of Hobart by now. A bridging visa is a visa when the original visa has met with expiry and a bridging visa is given till the time being a new visa is granted. There have been a lot of time lapses in the grant of the visas, essentially processing delays, due to which the demand for bridging visas has increased.

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Those on bridging visas are leading to an increase in the prosperity of Australia. Because so many people have been coming to Australia, there has been an increase in the bridging visas. However, a large majority of those on the bridging visa have working rights. If there is an increase in the number of people coming by flights to Australia, the numbers of bridging visas are likely to increase. Malaysians form a large percentage of those who are on the bridging visa in this country. Malaysians form 34% of the bridging visa holders. And, instead of Sri Lankans coming to Australia, Australians were visiting that country. After Malaysians, the next country from which temporary immigrants originate for Australia is Vietnam.

Such Malaysian visa holders are working on Australian farms. Malaysians work on farms after they arrive on a visitor visa in Australia and they don’t leave after the visa duration ends. Their visa duration is over after 3 months only.


After the Malaysians, another reason for the increase in the issuance of bridging visas is those who are on a spouse visa. These categories of visa seekers also face a delay now. The government is taking time in the processing of such visas. In this long row of bridging visa holders 80,000 were those who were waiting for their partner/spouse visas.

Get an Australian working holiday visa: Meant for Canadians

If you want to travel to Australia and work, then the best possible option for you as a Canadian is the Australia working holiday visa. You can get this visa for 1 year and 2nd time for 1 year if you have devoted some of your time to 3 months of designated work in regional Australia on the 1st visa. This work must be for 5 days per week over a 3 months duration.

This visa is also given for a third time to Canadians who have worked in Regional Australia and done some prescribed work for 6 months while on the second working holiday visa.

The third working holiday visa has been implemented from 1st July 2019.

You need to get a consultation from the visa consultant to get these visas. The age of Canadians applying for this visa must not be higher than 35 years. There is a restriction with these working holiday visas not to continue to be employed for 6 months with the same employer.

However, you can work for one employer for 12 months, provided you work at different premises. So, you can work and enjoy Australia on a working holiday visa.

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