Hazrat ali (R.A) quotes in English

Here we can share some Hazrat ali (R.A) quotes

1- If a pal envies you, then he is not a true pal.

2- The thoughts of a smart man is the most secure custody of secrets; cheerfulness is the important thing to friendship; endurance and forbearance will hide many defects.

3- Unfortunate is he who can’t benefit a few honest friends for the duration of his existence and extra unlucky is the only who has received them and then lost them (through his deeds).

4- He who is deserted through buddies and relatives will often locate help and sympathy from strangers.

5- Lack of friends manner, stranger in a single’s personal united states of america.

6- Do now not make friendship with a fool because whilst he will try to do you true he’s going to do you damage; do no longer make a miser your buddy due to the fact he’ll run faraway from you at the time of your dire need; do now not be pleasant with a vicious and depraved individual due to the fact he will promote you and your friendship at the most inexpensive fee and do no longer make friend of a liar due to the fact like a mirage he will make you visualize very near the things which lie at a exquisite distance and will make you notice at the wonderful distance the matters that are near to you.

7- A pal can’t be taken into consideration a chum except he is tested on three events: in time of want, behind your back and after your loss of life.

8- If a friend envies you, then he isn’t a true friend.

9- The Poor is one that does not have any buddy.

10- Be buddies with the righteous and keep away from the evil doers, live far from the hypocrites and don’t accompany the treacherous.

Eleven- Keep faraway from friendship of a liar. Surely he will display you as close to what’s a ways from you and will show as far what’s close to you.

12- If you’ve got a friend who can be with you for your hard times you then are a very fortunate character.

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