How To Fix A Broken Range Stove Oven

Before you attempt increasingly complex fixes, check for basic arrangements. Be certain the gas extend is connected and getting power. The stove light should come on when you open the entryway. Likewise watch that the gas valve is open—it might have been killed unintentionally.

Clean the gas stove igniter and burner openings

Start by cleaning the flash igniter . The stove repair is the white fired stub that is situated close to the base of the burner. Your range may appear to be unique from the one appeared here.

On this range we lifted off the burner to get to the igniter. Stopped up burner gaps can likewise keep the burner from lighting. Utilize a needle to clear the modest gap or gaps in the burner (close to the igniter).

On the off chance that your burner still won’t light after you’ve cleaned the burner openings and igniter, there are three sections that could be flawed: the igniter, the igniter switch or the igniter control module.

Of these, the undoubtedly cause is a terrible igniter control module. Infrequently an igniter switch will turn sour. An igniter is once in a while to fault. Photograph 4 tells you the best way to supplant the igniter module. Quest for “gas go fix” on this site for data on supplanting a gas stove igniter switch.

Test the gas stove igniter control module

Obscure the room and turn every burner to “Light” for three seconds and afterward off once more. In the event that you don’t see sparkles, supplant the igniter control module . First unplug the range. At that point find the control module to supplant it .

As a rule, you’ll need to pull the range away from the divider to get to the module, which is normally situated behind a removable metal spread on the back of the range or under a little metal box beneath the control board.

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