Root canal treatment causes cancer? Dentists

Root canal treatment causes cancer? Dentists

Diskimedifobia – fear of examination by a medical student and diskipulophobia – fear of students. Both phobias may prevent the course of diagnostics or treatment in dental centers educating prospective dentists, as well as introduce confusion to the rhythm of the work of individual dental practice personnel, if the patient is the doctor’s identification with a professional internship or being in the process of specialization with a dentistry student.

Pharmacophobia or neopharmaphobia – fear – respectively, before taking medication or new drugs, may destroy the treatment plan or – in a situation where the patient is afraid to take prescription antibiotics – result in the development of infections that may appear after surgery or in an unhealed wound .

Effective dental treatment that requires hospitalization or a highly specialized diagnosis in a hospital facility can also make it difficult or impossible to nosokomefobia , or fear of hospital, or nasophobia , or fear of treatment – any and not only dental. Image diagnostics may in turn prevent radio-phobiaor fear of radiation. Interestingly:

a dentist may also feel anxiety associated with pharmaceuticals – specifically before prescription of painkillers, mainly based on opioids. It is opiophobia – fear of addiction of the patient to opioid drugs.

Phobophobia – fear of your own phobias. Fear of fear that is experienced in connection with, for example, dentophobia or hemophobia, is an “at rest” fear that can act as a self-fulfilling bad prophecy and effectively evoke a panic attack in a patient at the thought of treating teeth or seeing the blood.

Panophobia – fear of everything. A patient who is afraid of treatment, medication and diagnostics is an extremely difficult patient.Now take a look at how these features of zapalenie okostnej.

Caries is one of the most common diseases in the world . Less than half of the adult population suffers from this condition or has had contact with it during their lifetime.

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